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About SVCN

SVCN is a hub for re-discovering yourself and your creativities. Yes, if you deep dive into yourself then you must understand that you have some world changing potentials inside you. Hence this is your right place to explore your creativities and jump up high with your creativities. This hub gives you a Super Versatile Content Network for creative thoughts from Coding and Technology, Cooking/ Recipes to Photography. Which is the most basic food for your creative ideas and contents. Explore this hub and start right away to create something you love most and something very unique.



SVCN is targeting the largest audience who is willing to explore themselves first. This site is not for selling or profit making but, it is definitely for providing some pointers to your content for creating something very unique. I want you all to find your content and ideas to make something new out of these contents. This site is very dynamic and rich in interactions and ideas. Thus keep watching. You never know when some of my creativities and ideas will work like a charm for you. Let's all be connected with our creativity.


All the images in this about page carry some meanings thus, if you follow the vision of this site is nothing but, enabling you to work on some higher dimensions of creativities for your richest contributions towards your life and passion. Nothing is paid service here if you like Photography come to my Flickr for Photography ideas. If you like cooking visit my Youtube Channel Shan's Food Gallery or Facebook. If you are a super techie visit my Github works and the Blogs. Thus your roads to success starts from here. The rays of the cracker is like the direction you want to move from the centre of your thoughts or creativity. Get the ideas and make your work richer than mine 😊 This is what the vision of SVC Network. We together can make a network of creation and creations only.

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